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*This is Android version. Click here for PC version.
*Click here for  "Domination Quest -Kuro & the Naughty Monster Girls-" of the previous title.
* It is not possible to remove the mosaic in this app.


In search of a way to heal an wake up Shiro, Kuro ventures into the violet-colored wildness of a new world...
    This is the story of the adventures of Kuro, a boy of a rare race called "Dominators" who can make friends with monster girls. With this game, the story comes to a conclusion.


This is the sequel to "Domination Quest - Kuro & the Naughty Monster Girls -"

The story continues where the previous title left off, but the game can be played on its own. When starting the game, you can view a synopsis of the preceding story.

Every monster girl in your party has animated walking sprites and at least 2 H scenes.

There are a variety of game features. For example, mini-games like a Casino, "Gem Combining System"(crafting weapons), unique passive skills activated with higher "Trust" with allies etc.

Characters who became allies during the previous title will be allies at the start of this game. However, you will not be able to see the H scenes for these characters unless you integrate the two titles (the demo version cannot be integrated with the previous title).

Compared to the previous title, the number of swallowing scenes has increased significantly.

You can fully open the recollection room from "Others" on the title screen. You can also put it back.

This is a quarter-view orthodox RPG.

Number of characters and number of H-scenes

For this game only:
Number of characters who will join you as your companion: 30 +α
Number of H scenes: 83 +α

If combining this game with the previous game:
Number of characters who will join you as your companion: 58 +α
Number of H scenes: 163 +α

New dungeon added!

・New characters "Succubus" and "Dryad" added
・One new scene added to "Giant Oni Girl"
・New prizes added to the casino

Integration with the previous title

This title can be integrated with the previous title from the main menu, allowing you to play both titles as one game.

Once This title and the previous title are integrated, the saves can be used.

Firstly, install this game on your device.

Secondly, start the previous game and send the data to this game with the "Send data for integration" button on the "Others" screen on the title screen.

Lastly, please select "Integrate with the previous title" on the "Others" screen on the title screen of this game.


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorKokage no Izumi
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, adultanime, Eroge, Erotic, Fantasy, giantess, harem, Hentai, Monster Girls, vore


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There is no magic circle in fortress mountain theres no way to get of the demon world

Talk to "Baphomet Girl" near the entrance, select "To half way" to move on, then take the green magic circle on the right side to warp to the area beyond.

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Oh im blind not sure how i missed it but thank you i found it, I remember going through it and saying this will probably be important later and forgot about it -_-

Theres no way to uncensor it is there?

It is not possible to remove the mosaic in this app.

Comment je peux trouver la succubus Lilith , c'est la seule monstre que je n'ai pas dominé , c'il vous plaît 🥺

Traversez le dernier donjon après avoir terminé le jeu. C'est le donjon dans lequel vous pourrez entrer après avoir vu la fin du jeu. Allez dans la direction droite à la branche de la carte avant celle où se trouve le dernier boss.

How do i access the menu to save my game? I just lost 8 hours worth of play time because I couldnt see an option to save and so just assumed it was auto-save 😔

Open the menu screen, press the "Etc" button at the bottom, and then press the "Save" button.


just buy the game, but it crash just after pushing "New game", without exporting the save data of the chapter 1 , a "now loading" screen appear for 15seconds, then crash.

I tried to download and install the game several times.

Its strange because the demo was working :/

My Phone is à Galaxy A04, Android version 13, one UI core 5.1, french language, and all the games runs perfectly even 3d games like Genshin.

Probably fixed in ver 2.41

Can't open the game, i downloaded it , but at the time to install it says there has been an error at analyzing the packet..

Perhaps the file was not 100% downloaded before it was installed. The file size is nearly 1GB. The file size is large, so if possible, connect to Wi-Fi and download.

I am having an issue with the game. I tried to use one of my old saves, and start a new game as well. Both result in the game crashing after the Now Loading screen. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well, nothing changed.

I want to check the save file.

Please Upload the save file to the server using "Etc" > "Back up to server" on the title screen

and send the ID and password of the account to Kokage no Izumi's e-mail address.

Thank you.

Just sent, thank you.

Hello back again form the new update to say that I can't get past the opening loading screen. Don't wanna delete apk because I didnt back up my save file.

Sorry. I cannot confirm the problem in my environment. For example, would you solve it by following steps?

1. Upload save files to the server using "Etc" > "Back up to server" on the title screen

2. Uninstall this app, download the latest version of the app again, and install

3. Download the uploaded save files with "Etc" > "Back up to server" on the title screen

I mean as in I can't get past the opening app loading screen. The first one as soon as you open game. So I cant upload my save.

Please let me know the Android version and model of your Android device.

Also, what is the system language of your device?

Deleted 295 days ago

It's been fixed... I had to redownload the entire app and not just the update. Thankful I could install it over the first update so it's working now.

For some reason after fighting rain and capturing her it doesn't load the next scene. Game just closes during the loading screen.

I've seen this issue with BlueStacks, an Android emulator on Windows, and will try to fix it. (On google pixel 7, this problem did not occur.)

I think it was fixed in ver2.34. please confirm.

I just played the update and it works perfectly! Thank you!

The popular vote acceptance period has ended! Thank you for your votes. In the near future, we will post the results on Ci-en, our website, tweets, etc.


Domination Quest is conducting a character popularity poll ! Please vote! The deadline for responses is March 26, Japan time. A Google account is needed to participate.



I voted even though I don't have this game


one can to me please 🥺 this game, I can subscribe if you want 😖

Keep saying download error after reaching about 17%


There is no download function inside the app, so I think it's probably a problem on itch's side or the internet connection. Or because the file size is large, the device may be running out of space or some kind of protection may be working.

Finally!  I was worried about it being abandoned for something else, like some that leave on a cliff hanger do. Can't wait to see what happens.  Thank you sir.

  The first one was hilarious. Any chance of other adult pokemon-like games in the future with mechanics that parody those kind of games? 

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The golem girl have a blank skill on level 43


Sorry, It's "Meteor Strike Plus". The description was missing in the English version. We will fix it in the next version.

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Hello, is there any way to upload this game to the steam store? my local currency does not allow me to buy the game


I applied to Steam in the past, but it didn't pass the review.

1. I would like you to try it again if nothing happens ;(. It would be good if it could be uploaded since I loved the first installment, I have seen that kagura games (succubus affection) launches its games with censorship but in the same There is a page like a patch to unlock the censorship if the user wishes, but I think that would take you to make the game from scratch, which would not be a good idea at all, in any case, thanks for reading :)