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* This is the PC version. Click here for Android version.
* The sequel, "Domination Quest vol.2 -The Red and Black Beetles-" has been released!
* It is not possible to remove the mosaic in this app.

This is an RPG to take wild monster girls into your party on your adventure.

The protagonist, Kuro, is a boy of a rare race called "Dominator" that has the power to control monster girls.

He had lived peacefully with an albino succubus girl named Shiro in a house deep in a forest, but one day that lifestyle had to end, necessitated to set out on a journey as an adventurer.

There are more than 28 species of monster girls with over 80 H scenes, including teasing with fluffy tails, oppression by huge bodies, vore and so on, which are peculiar to monster girls.

Every monster girl in your party has animated walking sprites and at least 2 H scenes.

Even in battles, Kuro is squeezed of cum by his ally monster girls. Your ally monster girls lose a certain amount of their "Stamina" every turn so he has to "Ejaculate" in order to refill their stamina before they run out of it and become unable to fight.

Some enemies have "restraining attacks". Each restraining attack has its unique H scene which is triggered upon a game over while he is retrained.

There are a variety of game features. For example, unique passive skills activated with higher "Trust" with allies, "Gem Combining System"(crafting weapons), a mini-game like an obstacle race etc.

This is a quarter-view orthodox RPG supporting keyboard, gamepad and mouse input.

* The story does not conclude in this title. A sequel is currently in production.

Kokage no Izumi
Release date Oct 21, 2020
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
AuthorKokage no Izumi
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Adult, Anime, Eroge, Erotic, Fantasy, harem, Hentai, Monster Girls, vore
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Joystick


Buy Now$22.10 USD or more

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where to go after getting Isari's item of 3 uses?

Hey all just stopping by to ask for help. It's been a long time since I played, in fact I had beaten the first game but I was hoping somebody could leave tips/tricks on places to level up throughout the game as even entering a new area/dungeon can result in quite a difficulty curve. Also I disassembled some blue gems in Karin town but couldn't use them again to make new gems. Is this a bug or intended? Thanks for any help with any luck this will get help for others too.

Im stuck in the bamboo forest how do i complete it, i keep following that damn fox.

you should change the esc button to a pause menu i lost a ton of progress because it sent me to the main menu

How can i get M&M?

The last one for my collection.

how long does it take for the link to come in the email?

I got 1.62 from DLsite but noticed the Skinship animations are not playing. I am only a few hours in, see the option and the text but have no animation.

I've tried scrolling and hitting the Q button but still nothing.

Is this a bug?
Thank you,

Perhaps installing with the included DirectX installer (dxwebsetup.exe) will fix this problem.

I am stuck at the Ice cave. I beat the Minotaur and on the other side I cannot get through the portal. When I go back to the adventurers guild they keep pointing me in the direction of the ice cave? Does anyone know what I need to do? I have the  recent 1.55 version

Talk to the receptionist at the inn at Esmeralda Academy, select the second option, and rest to proceed with the story. You can enter the cave portal after completing this game.


Domination Quest is conducting a character popularity poll ! Please vote! The deadline for responses is March 26, Japan time. A Google account is needed to participate.


The game looks very good, i dont know where or how to save the game though plz help i have version 1.55

Extract the downloaded zip file to a location other than "Program Files" and execute "kuro2.exe". If it is in "Program Files", it may not work properly. The game save file will be generated in the "save" folder where you unzipped it. To save the game data, open the menu screen with the X key in the game, and select "Save" from "Etc".

im having an issue where the game plays fine but if i try to open the menu via rightclick or x to save or anything like that the game freezes with no menu showing. no keys other than escape to go back to the main menu do anything.

Sorry,  No issues found here.
Could you please let me know the following? 

・App version (Current latest version is ver1.54)
・Which stage did you try to save?  (For example,  "Yanamba Village") 
・System language (the computer's system language, not the game's language)

Thank you.

1.54 tried in the starting home and the 1st village and language is english uk. i did a fresh install in a different folder and it seems to be working fine. it was origionally in my documents folder now its in my downloads. not sure if it was the fresh install or the different folder that fixed but sorry for bothering you and i appreciate your fast response.

Fixed a bug where "Man Eater Swamp" had unnecessary objects and could not progress.

Fixed bugs that occurred in ver1.52

Version 1.52:

There are alot of Pic's, Visuals and Assets missing. Like the Visual from Brenda or Ashley or Clarissa, etc.... (if you use them or open the menu or even if you fight against them (=Clarissa) they are not visible, because of the missing Asset). And the controlls for the mouse are little bit buggy: Like if you try to interakt with someone you need to spam the left mouse key or use Enter once. (There are more things...)

Can you pls update the game and take the missing elements back? Sadly i can only dowmload the newest version for testing... (v.1.52)

I played the v.1.52 (newest) and the v.1.14 (really old).
I love this game but in this state...its not amusing . If you fix the missing bits and bugs, then the game gets an recommendation. And can you pls add a Fullscreen funktion?

ps.: 26$ for a Game in this state <.<

Fixed a bug where characters were not displayed. 

You can change the screen size by pressing the F key. 

Mouse is not a bug. It's designed that way so you don't talk to people by mistake while walking. Once you take your finger off the mouse button and press it briefly, you can talk to people.

Perfect that was fast. I'll test it out and report back if i find something. And thanks for the hard work^^

ps: Resizing the Window with F is great but i want a "real" Fullscreen option. (But is not important)

・Implemented auto-battle function
・Supports movement with WASD keys

Will you be able to transfer the levels and items from the previous game to the sequel that is in production?

Deleted 29 days ago

Rank B or higher is the sequel in production. Please wait for a while until the sequel is released.

Deleted 29 days ago

Any chance of this coming/compatible with Mac? Would be more that happy to buy it but I dont see the mac download. :

sorry, this game is windows only. Not compatible with mac.

is there an uncensored version ?

There is no uncensored version.

I am crashing in scene with golem girl, any way to fix that?

This is a great game.