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*Click here for  "Domination Quest -Kuro & the Naughty Monster Girls-" of the previous title.
* It is not possible to remove the mosaic in this app.


In search of a way to heal an wake up Shiro, Kuro ventures into the violet-colored wildness of a new world...
    This is the story of the adventures of Kuro, a boy of a rare race called "Dominators" who can make friends with monster girls. With this game, the story comes to a conclusion.


This is a quarter-view orthodox RPG supporting keyboard, gamepad and mouse input.

This is the sequel to "Domination Quest - Kuro & the Naughty Monster Girls -"
The story continues where the previous title left off, but the game can be played on its own. When starting the game, you can view a synopsis of the preceding story.

Every monster girl in your party has animated walking sprites and at least 2 H scenes.

There are a variety of game features. For example, mini-games like a Casino, "Gem Combining System"(crafting weapons), unique passive skills activated with higher "Trust" with allies etc.

Characters who became allies during the previous title will be allies at the start of this game. However, you will not be able to see the H scenes for these characters unless you integrate the two titles (the demo version cannot be integrated with the previous title).

Compared to the previous title, the number of swallowing scenes has increased significantly.

You can fully open the recollection room from "Others" on the title screen. You can also put it back.

Integration with the previous title

This title can be integrated with the previous title from the main menu, allowing you to play both titles as one game.

 Saves from the previous title

Once This title and the previous title are integrated, the saves can be used.

Number of characters and number of H-scenes

For this game only:
Number of characters who will join you as your companion: 30 +α
Number of H scenes: 83 +α

If combining this game with the previous game:
Number of characters who will join you as your companion: 58 +α
Number of H scenes: 163 +α

New dungeon added!

・New characters "Succubus" and "Dryad" added
・One new scene added to "Giant Oni Girl"
・New prizes added to the casino

*The story of this game is complete in the current version.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
AuthorKokage no Izumi
GenreRole Playing
TagsAdult, Anime, Eroge, Erotic, Fantasy, Femdom, harem, Hentai, Monster Girls, vore


Buy Now$18.80 USD or more

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im stuck at volume 2 in the first town in hell i dont know who to talk to to unlock a new area or progress anyone have any pointers or know what im supposed to do?

I think I got softlocked cuz I got the green-haired succubus girl before I went to the kitsune forest and they told me to save her (when I already did) and now I either don't know where to go or I'm stuck.

Hello there i have a question, Is it some kind of bug that im getting stuck while moving character around the map? Like im walking in a straigh line then take a one step in any other direction and im stuck.

how do I get Greta back after beating the game?

s'il te plait ou je peux trouve lilith la succubus ?, pour que je la domine , j'ai domine tout les monstre mais je ne peux pas la trouve .

There is at least 1 normal guide for this game

По этой игре есть хоть 1 нормальный гайд 

I went to the city of magic (where the casino is located) and what should I do next to which NPC to approach and from whom to take the quest?

After getting the old companions back and the clearing the shrine area, how do I continue past skysorda harbor? I can't figure out how to unlock new areas


Is the actual game censored (thus, making it completely worthless to me)?


The genitals are censored


So disappointing...censorship is the bane of my existence.

Where is the new dungeon? And how do you access it?

After clearing the game, go right at the "Nursery of the Magical Tree" fork.

is there a way to get my previous team (from the first game) to this one? or do I have to play the first one all over again after linking them?

1.On the previous game, send the save file to vol.2 with "Etc" > "Send save files" on the title screen.

2. On the vol.2 side, copy the received file with "Etc" > "Check received file" on the title screen.

thankyou so much, this team will carry me

Is there a way to easily contact the creator?


The popular vote acceptance period has ended! Thank you for your votes. In the near future, we will post the results on Ci-en, our website, tweets, etc.

(spoiler)god i really wish there was a sequence that we fight against the female dominator and could lose to her and become her pet.. that would be perfect scenario for me. 

btw hello aki kokage no izumi i played every single one of your games that i can see on the website, it is truly a blessing, all these games have extremely good fetish material, i loved the obesity fairy anal vore on demon angel sakura series, also the last villain of demon angel sakura 1 anal vore as well. Also i'm a big fan of domination quest 2 having 2 androgynous characters, Melanie was my favorite for soo long, then finding Pansy later almost on the end of the story was just a gem for me, very few games can achieve these vore type of fetishes like you do in your games, i truly love enjoying these games and exhausting everything possible, your games are one of a kind, thank you very much!

I need help, i have beaten the game,"Domination quest vol2" including the millie & marie dual boss, my game version is v227, however i cannot for the life of me find what this boss is? https://imgur.com/a/NMVp9d5 (slight spoiler image) anyone that can tell me how to find her please email at kainvastro@gmail.com or just reply to my comment, i beg you.

go to Karin town and see mayor. chain quest for dragon killer sword

I have an issue in the Magatsu sumo tournament, where if I face off against ranger elf girl my action menu is glitched and to the far right and inaccessible unless I click auto fight. 

Also I noted that I can’t refight Karin in the realm between even though I’ve beaten her already


Domination Quest is conducting a character popularity poll ! Please vote! The deadline for responses is March 26, Japan time. A Google account is needed to participate.


Hello, is there any way to upload this game to the steam store? my local currency does not allow me to buy the game

Regarding Steam, I applied before, but it didn't pass the review.

When will there be an android version if there will be one?

It will be released on February 18th, Japan time.

I feel stupid but I go the magik town and can't figure out how to get to the new areas on the map.

After talking to the Silk moth girl in the basement of the casino, talk to Janellyn.

Is there any way to complete the trial in less than 25 seconds?

Level 4 of the casino race minigame seems to be completely broken. I have every AGI and HP boosting item equipped on lvl 30 characters that already have high AGI. The NPC will pull ahead without even boosting every time. I don't miss the obstacles, I've tried Alice, even tried Julie who has 7 heals of her own.

Race level 4 is difficult to win unless your character is level 38 or so. For a level 5 race, a character level of around 48 is appropriate.

ahh, that makes sense. Just seemed to be way more difficult than the other game, which I beat at level 30. Thought I was stuck 


How do I get rid of the censorship, I bought the full game


Sorry. Under Japanese law, mosaics cannot be removed.

Oh, ok. That makes sense, good luck in your other developments