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An exploration action platformer with a female protagonist. This is the story of a certain C-class adventurer, the ranger elf Lillian. The game's setting is shared with our title "Domination Quest", but their stories are unrelated. Many monsters that appear in Domination Quest also appear in this game, along with original characters. 

* Click here for Domination Quest


Take note before you play that there are many slightly grotesque and explicit scenes included in this game. Monster girls, vore, swallowed whole, digestion, excretion, jacking off, lesbian, size difference (giant girl), lactation, urination, masturbation, etc... 


 Lillian is an adventurer of the "elf ranger" race. She combines her exceptional physical abilities along with her race's innate magical abilities of trap creation to perform her unique magic of matter creation. This has allowed her to become a C-class adventurer. However, Lillian hasn’t been able to form a party due to her lack of social skills, which leaves her as a struggling solo adventurer. One day, the adventurer’s guild caught wind of a rumor about the existence of a “Sage’s Tower.” It is said to stand in the unexplored region of southern Esmerelda province, and those who climb the tower and ask the residing sage for wisdom are able to obtain great powers. However, it was also rumored that all adventurers who attempted to climb the tower had disappeared… Taking an interest in this tower after hearing the guild’s warnings, Lillian headed towards the unexplored terrain all alone... 

 [Regarding the demo version] 

The demo version allows you to play the first stage, "Verdant Cliff" only. You can carry a maximum of 200 gold. The demo version's save data is usable in the full version. Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates. 


 There's a possibility your computer's combination of graphics card, cpu etc. may not display the screen properly, so please make sure you confirm it runs properly with the demo version first.

Required environment:
Android 8.0 RAM 4GB or higher

Recommended environment:
Android 12 RAM 6GB or higher

Kokage no Izumi
Release date Oct 21, 2020
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorKokage no Izumi
Made withUnity
TagsAdult, big-breast, breast-milk, buttocks, Erotic, female-homosexuality, female-protaonist, long-hair, Monster Girls, vore
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese


Buy Now$12.30 USD or more

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How do I run the game? I could use some help with that-

Edit: I use Win.rar but it still doesn't show as a runnable game.

PC version when?


Hi someone has reuploaded your game on this site https://virajjagtap.itch.io/lillians-adventure

From other dev with same problem I have their game was infected.


Great so far,  but I really hope controllers will be supported soon

Bonjours, le jeux est seulement en non censuré ?? 


overpriced af


PC version when?

I am only a $3.30 a way from having this game, the demo was so good.

Cant wait to buy this gem. Demo is hella fun


Been hard to find a h game like this and finally I found this but sadly I don't have money to dl it


Fixed a bug that can not be installed on Android 12 or higher.


Is player are prey or can be a pred in this

Muito bom!

Poderia ter mais jogos assim para Android?

Loving this game. Well done dev team. Getting some Sega wonderboy vibes, but sexier. Brought the full game straight away.

The controls on an Android device are a little frustrating, but it adds to the challenge.

If you cannot install the apk file, please try the following methods.

1.Install a file manager app from Google Play on your Android device.

2.Download the apk file for this game.

3.Run the apk file for this game in your file manager app.

※Please allow installation of apps from unknown sources in the Android settings beforehand.


ps4 controller support?

The game controller cannot be used with the android version. It should work on the PC version (not tested)


I only tried the demo atm (because im poor xd) and i must say, i love it, i wish i could buy the full game, but until then i must say for everyone that want it 10/10 :3